11classes Teaching service

11classes selects teachers from a wide range of teacher resources, and takes brand service quality as the commitment to cultivate professional Chinese teachers at home and abroad. It provides high-quality professional course services for overseas Chinese culture lovers in oral practice and grammar training

The cost of each teacher is determined by the score given by 11classes through the internal training examination. The higher the fee is, the better the teacher's course will be

Online training courses provided by lesson can be reserved 24 hours at any time, and allocated according to the schedule of trainees

Teaching system

Core requirements of HSK and YCT in benchmarking Chinese Proficiency Test

Refer to the common core state education standards (CCSS) of the United States, as well as the language syllabus of primary education in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and the international research project on progress in reading literacy (pirls) for reading ability requirements

Connecting with the world famous university entrance examination standards (IB, A-level, AP, sat, NCEA, HSC, etc.)

Integrated into the world's leading education concept, designed for foreign students, step by step, scientific gradient

Teaching purpose

Pay attention to the cultivation of learning interest and ability

Discover new knowledge in questioning and inspiration

Balance knowledge and interest

Inspire imagination and creativity

Extracurricular activities become an extension of the classroomhttps://www.lessonn.com/image/catalog/image.png